Innan jag borjar skriva sa vill jag forklara tva saker;

Detta ar inte nagot som direkt forbattrar din framgang med flickor.

Men livsfilosofin och installningen i detta blogginlagg har hjalpt mig med bade

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framgang med flickor och en allmant skonare tillvaro i livet.

Jag skriver pa Engelska for det kanns mer naturligt for mig och uttrycker mig helt enkelt battre pa Engelska.

StairwayToHeaven D 4d The Journey

Push Play

Here I am again, insomnia has kicked in and I am lying naked in my bed unable to fall the fuck asleep.

So what do I do? I start pondering the great questions as one might do;

Why are we here?

What is the meaning of life?

I realized, life is nothing and nothing is life. Now bare with me, I am not going emo on your asses but see it like this;

People always talk about the greater picture and the greater picture of life is most dgfev online casino likely how you will be remembered.. Correct? WRONG

Our time on this world can”t even be measured in the blink of an eye compared to how long it Varje gang du loggar in far du all aktuell information du behover online slots samlad pa en plats och om du vill komma direkt in i handlingen scrollar du bara ner pa sidan for att hitta spelen. has existed.

To believe that you are special and will be remembered by your peers/friends more then their own expected lifespan is ludacris, and selfindulgent.

Even if you somehow manage to Vi vill garna erbjuda en sa bra lista pa svenska spelbolag som mojligt sa din rost ar viktig for oss!Vi svenskar ar ju kloka manniskor och vill ju ha sa goda chanser som mojligt att vinna nar vi spelar sa det ar ju klart att man vill ha en bonus. make your mark on history, get into the books and make your ”claim to fame”. All that will also sometime fade and be forgotten.

So what is life then?

Some people see life as a movie, it”s a set period of time you are here and living it through. Some live hard and die young, some live scared and die casino online lonely.

But in reality, life isn”t the movie… It”s the previews before the movie, it”s online casino small moments and glimpses online pokies into the parts of your Det ar verkligen inte sarskilt vanligt bland de n som vander sig till svenska spelare. life your cheerish and loathe.

When you are lying on your warm deathbed, your spouses hand in yours and a small tear in casino online your eye.. What will you remember?

All your accomplishments?
All your material possesions?
All your friends?
All your children/grandchildren and so on

I think I know what I will remember… The moments

Your life is made up by small insignificant moments, or so they seem at the time when you experience them.

I will remember that one time I did the goat (dont ask) infront of 10 people
I will remember that time I landed my first backflip on skates
I will remember the time me and my best friend got drunk together for the first time

The moments are what make your life.

Not your achieved or unachieved goals.

Some people go through life only chasing goal after goal, they dangle the new goal infront of themselfs as they blindfolded walk through life only keeping their eyes on the prize.

And what is the outcome?

They reach the goal, and it”s a empty shallow feeling of happiness.

Better then doing that, look for the moments that make up your life and make you into you.

Because when you think about it… if you don”t remember your moments… who will?

So do it, it is your time.. Seize your moments, nobody else will do it for you

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