Hey guys, Anthony ‘Dream” Johnson here on the blog today.

As El Topo mentioned, he is unable to make it to the Stockholm convention for personal reasons. He is a very good friend of mine, and it is unfortunate he can not attend for a number of reasons, but never the less we are here to make it up to those attending The 21 Convention 2010 of Stockholm Sweden!

Steve (El Topo) as he said will answer questions via online video, which is awesome! Just comment here on the CR blog and I will make sure he is made aware of the questions/comments.

In addition, I have arranged a whole bunch of bonuses with CR for attending The 21 Convention in Stockholm June 11th-13th. And I mean a LOT!

Bonuses for attending The 21 Convention 2010 of Stockholm Sweden include,

  1. New Discount Code for All CR Fans: 100 euro off the door price with code ”cr50″. Ticket must be purchased by June 9th however as the code will not work at the door!
  2. Free travel from Gothenburg to Stockholm! Simply forward us an onlinereceiptfor your train or airline travel and we will immediately refund up to 400 krona to help cover your travel expenses! Please forward reciepts to Dream(at)The21Convention.com
  3. Additional 400 krona reimbursement if you were at either the Gothenburg or Stockholm presentations! http://cialisvsviagra-toprx.com/ Please e-mail us at the above e-mail address after signing up and we will ask you a random question about the talk to confirm you were in attendance. The 400 krona will bereimburseimmediately via PayPal after that.
  4. Free advanced access to ALL 21 Convention Stockholm event footage in streaming 720p high definition after the event. That’s a full 3 days worth of event footage – which will end up being the equivalent of over a DOZEN DVDs – 100% free!
  5. A$250 discount code for all 43 of our event DVDs from three years of The 21 Convention in The United States.
  6. A $100 discount code for our 2009 event DVD set (twenty discs long)
  7. Free international shipping on any individual event DVD
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  9. Full http://cialisvsviagra-toprx.com/ access to a free approach workshop during fmy pharmacy chesham the first night of the convention with volunteer and professional coaches alike.
  10. http://cialispharmacy-onlinetop.com/

  11. Potentially free coaching from Badboy or Orlando Owen (subject to availability, filling up fast, details will be sent to attendees as they become available)

anmalmig The 21 Convention

And in case you missed it, don’t forget the massive speaking list for the three day event.

  • Anthony “Dream” Johnson
  • Richard ‘Gambler’ La Ruina (CEO & Founder: Pua Training)
  • Dharam (Pua Training Master Trainer)
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  • Jared “Ratisse”
  • Alexander & Co instructor fromCharismatic Revolution
  • Dejan “Zebra”
  • Vince Kelvin (Co-Founder: Pua Summit)
  • Dan “Bad Boy” as featured in The Game
  • Marius (BadBoy Lifestyle)
  • Keychain (Love Systems)
  • Frederik ‘Satisfaction’
  • Jason ‘Gone’ Savage (also seen atThe 21 Convention 2009)
  • Alex fromAustralia (works for a very large and popular coaching company, tentative)
  • Jarret ‘Psych’ (former Pua Training instructor, former 21 Convention speaker, tentative)

Also, see the speech Alexander gave in Gothenburg on video for free below. It’s an awesome howdoescialis-worklast.com presentation and was very wellreceived.

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